How-the-Hell to Speak Up for Yourself with Your Family [TJJS:EP156]

Stand Up to Your Family

Stand Up to Your Family

IIf you’ve ever had a massive issue with a family member that left you feeling angry, frustrated, and disappointed, you are in great company. I mean… most of us have, right? It’s not uncommon to find yourself at odds with someone in your family and have a serious battle with how to navigate these sticky situations.

And maybe you’ve spoken up before and experienced a backlash you don’t want to experience again. So perhaps you’ve remained silent. And that anger, frustration, and resentment just festers and grows… until you blow up at your best friend or spouse because GOD-FORBID you actually address it with the family member involved. So, give yourself some compassion because these sorts of conflicts are extremely challenging and let’s not forget that we’re never taught how to speak up for ourselves in a kind and powerful way.

So, how do you stand up to your family? Have a listen to this episode where I break down four steps you can take to give voice to your familial grievances without moving out of the country or blocking your mom on Facebook. You just may have far more power than you think.

This pod explores:

  • Why you need to establish boundaries, what the hell that even means, and how to do it
  • My favorite way to prepare yourself before going into volatile or uncomfortable family functions
  • How to figure out the role you want certain family to play in your life
  • How to practice speaking up and what it has to do with your confidence




Registration is NOW OPEN for my killer 21-day coaching intensive where you’ll learn:

  • How to stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s happiness shit (as in, trying to make mom/boss/hubs happy… at all times. #exhausting)
  • How to actually set and enforce boundaries in your life without being riddled by guilt (And you’ll learn what-the-hell a boundary even is.)
  • How to speak up for yourself without being a total dick (It’s easier than you think!)
  • How to change your relationship to fear so you aren’t always so god-damned afraid of going after things you want (Or speaking up to you-know-who.)

You in? Of course you are! Simply swing by this page or click the image above to find out more!

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