3 Ways to Deal with Fear Paralysis: How to Stop Being So Damn Afraid of Everything [TJJS:EP154]

Paralyzed by fear

Paralyzed by fear


TTell me if this sounds familiar: You get all pumped up because of a hot date or an awesome job opportunity and as soon as you start to get a bit excited, BOOM, fear sets in. And, maybe some panic… let’s be honest. Totally paralyzed by fear.

All of sudden, your mind is flooded with fearful thoughts…”What if he thinks I’m ugly and have too much baggage?” or “What if they think I’m totally under-qualified…” Your excitement gets completely side-swiped by FEAR. Amiright!?

This cycle is super common and there’s actually a really good reason for that… We were given fear as a defense mechanism and it’s totally a part of our primal makeup. That’s all well and good, but how about not being so damn afraid of what people think of you?

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing how to break free from fear paralysis and my three fave ways to work with my fear instead of being victimized by it.

This pod explores:

  • The reason we need to make friends with our fear
  • The difference between self-talk and fear and how they’re connected
  • What emotional resilience is and how it can help you overcome your freak-outs
  • How to practice courage instead of getting stuck in the fear trap




Join me for a totally FREE (and totally awesome) virtual workshop where you’ll learn:

  • How to stop taking responsibility for everyone else’s happiness shit (as in, trying to make mom/boss/hubs happy… at all times. #exhausting)
  • How to actually set and enforce boundaries in your life without being riddled by guilt (And you’ll learn what-the-hell a boundary even is.)
  • How to speak up for yourself without being a total dick (It’s easier than you think!)
  • How to change your relationship to fear so you aren’t always so god-damned afraid of going after things you want (Or speaking up to you-know-who.)

You in? Of course you are! Simply swing by this page or click the image above to secure your seat!

Resources Mentioned:

  • Elizabeth Gilbert and her thoughts on fear – Discussed in her latest book, Big Magic and also on her podcast Magic Lessons
  • Find out more about Jack Canfield (who Amy quoted in this episode)
  • Invisibilia episode mentioned – Scroll to episode named “Fearless”, published on January 15th, 2015. You can also find the NPR podcast, Invisibilia, on iTunes or on your favorite podcast app
  • Glass of Water video mentioned by Mr. Smith

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