Letting Go of Blame [TJJS:EP151]

Letting Go of Blame 

Letting Go of Blame


EEver feel like… If only my boss wasn’t such and idiot, our workplace would be so much better. Or, if only my ex wasn’t such a douchebag, then my life would be so much easier. Or, if only our economy was better, then I’d be able to take care of my finances. Or, if only my mom wasn’t so damn irritating, I’d totally be happy.

If any of this sounds familiar, congrats, you’re totally normal. We don’t consciously decide to become blamers, but it often becomes our go-to behavior when we’re unhappy with something or someone in our lives. It’s MUCH easier to stand in blame (and we’re also conditioned to do so) than it is to search for your role in the matter. So, how does one go about letting go of blame?

In this week’s episode, I look at why we tend to immediately blame others, or things outside our control, why it’s a trap and totally ineffective, and what you can actually DO about it. And, trust… Get ready to feel a shit-ton better and massively more powerful.

This pod explores:

  • Our biological need to find the culprit and why we often turn to blame (often without realizing it)
  • Two major consequences that occur if we choose blame over self-care
  • How blame and forgiveness are related and how you can forgive and still establish boundaries
  • Journal prompt Q’s for you to pin-point where you get blame-trapped

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