What it REALLY Means to Forgive Yourself [TJJS:EP148]

Forgive yourself for past mistakes

Forgive yourself for past mistakes


FForgiveness, especially SELF-forgiveness, can be one of the most challenging concepts to grasp on the up and down road of personal development. How on earth are you supposed to forgive yourself for past mistakes? I mean… if you forgive yourself, won’t you get complacent and stagnant? Or if you forgive yourself are you saying that it’s actually okay that you fucked up that relationship or that job? It seems much easier to simply talk mad shit to yourself than to actually entertain the concept of forgiving yourself.

And the cycle continues, right? You beat yourself up for your past and without realizing it, you pave the way for your future. What if… what if you could actually forgive yourself AND still feel remorse? Whaaaaa!!? In this episode I hash out the biggest misconceptions around self-forgiveness, how it affects your self-talk, and why it may be causing you to NOT forgive others…. Which, as you know, equals being kind of a pissy-pants most of the time. This pod explores:

  • How to understand what forgiveness really is (Hint: It doesn’t mean you would do that *thing* again)
  • How to navigate the barrage of shit-talking you say to yourself for things you’ve done in your past (Like… I’ll tell you EXACTLY what to say instead)
  • How to switch your focus on to who you want to be instead of who you used to be
  • How your judgment of others may be calling your ass out on your own self-forgiveness


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this whole self-love thing really is?


WWhat if you actually stopped talking shit to yourself and beating yourself up for every little thing? What if you stopped blaming yourself for that *one* failed relationship or that *one* botched interview? What if you actually believed that you were ENOUGH? Wait, whaaaaa!? Yeah. It would be pretty damn amazing right? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. It can totally exist. No shit. Click the image above or go HERE to learn more!

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