How to Make Shit Happen in 2016 [TJJS:EP132]

Make Shit Happen 2016

Make Shit Happen 2016
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If you’re like most people, you have an overwhelming sense of excitement and ambition come the new year. Also like most people, perhaps you hit Jan gang-busters-style, but when Feb comes around you have slowly begun to lose steam, fervor, and action. Many people (and maybe YOU) enter the New Year with tons of plans and intentions, but somehow end up a bit off track sooner than later.

In this episode, I address the biggest obstacles people unknowingly establish for themselves when crafting New Year’s goals and “resolutions”. Yep, you read that right… many people actually make their job a shit-ton harder by not setting themselves up for success to begin with. I also share my personal planning tool I use to be sure I establish solid goals in aaaaall areas of my life (not just fitness and money… but, yes, those too). Be sure to grab your free download so you can plan and organize a seriously epic 2016 by figuring out what categories in which you would like to make headway. Plus, you’ll have a sexy, little worksheet to record all your brilliance!

This pod explores:

  • The two biggest mistakes people make when crafting goals for the new year
  • How to assess where you are in your life now and where you want to be in a year’s time
  • How to create goals that are really about YOUR fulfillment, are totally attainable, and light you up
  • Why you probably don’t want to celebrate your 2015 accomplishments, but you kinda, absolutely MUST


More Badassery + Support:

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