How to Stop Talking Shit to Yourself [TJJS:EP131]

How to Stop Talking Shit to Yourself

Stop Talking Shit to Yourself

Ever find yourself getting super pumped up about a new opportunity and all of sudden BAM! That little voice creeps in telling you why it’s going to be a total disaster, why you are sooooo not smart enough, why everyone else is surely going to figure out what a fraud you are, or simply that you just do not deserve such an opportunity? If any of that sounds waaaaaay too familiar, don’t panic! You’re super normal and this inner mind battle is something we ALL struggle with and there are some very practical ways to get a grip on this serious mind fuck.

Although the personal development community refers to this little voice as everything from The Ego to Inner Critic to The Saboteur, I personally resonate with the idea of an Inner Shit-Talker. That small piece of you who gets terrified of change, what others will think of you, and the always present attachment to “not enough”. In this episode, you’ll learn all about how to catch your IST red-handed, find out what you would RATHER be saying to yourself, and learn to empower your mind with self-talk that actually feels good. (As opposed to depressing and shitty.)

This pod explores:

  • Why much of what you say to yourself is actually bullshit
  • How to “catch” your Inner Shit-Talker and what common language to listen for
  • How to build positive mantras you can actually buy into without feeling like a big ‘ol liar
  • How to speak to yourself in a positive voice so you can stop feeling like shit


Why Your Truth is Bullshit Video mentioned in this episode.

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