How to NOT Lose Your Shit with Your Family: HOLIDAY EDITION [TJJS:EP128]

Find yourself dreading holiday functions with your family because it’s only a matter of time until your mom pesters you about why you don’t go to church anymore… or you aunt gives you shit for not having kids or not being married… or your uncle gets in a heated (uncomfortable) “discussion” about gun rights? Or perhaps you’re dreading the impending convo where your bro asks you for money. Again.

Even though the holidays are supposed to be merry and bright, they can often be the most stressful when it comes to dealing with our families. Enter years of baggage, a shit-ton of guilt, mix in some alcohol, and you have a family holiday that leaves you feeling like shit instead of connected with those you supposedly love the most. If this sounds any kind of familiar, all is not lost. And, believe it or not, you can totally take back your holiday experience, boundary your ass off, and consciously CHOOSE your focus this holiday. Even if your sister is an ass-hat.

This pod explores:

  • How to prepare for your family function ahead of time to set you up for success… even if your family is giving the circus a run for their money
  • What it really looks like to set up healthy boundaries and actually follow through on them
  • How to avoid (or end) uncomfortable conversations with the utmost grace
  • How to decide exactly what you want to focus on during the get-together… you know, so you can actually enjoy yourself


More Badassery + Support:

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