What to Do When Your Parent Kinda Sucks [TJJS:EP126]


Perhaps some of the most challenging relationships we have in our lives are those with our own parents. Although we love them deeply, they are oftentimes the ones who pose the most “issues” in our worlds and who tend to drive us the most batty. You feel me? In this week’s podcast, I address a listener submission from a woman wanting to know what do if her father has caused tons of hurt to other beloved people in her life, but has always been awesome to her. Tricky, no? The same listener also wanted to know what to do with a mother who seriously bugs the shit out of her.

This sort of parental frustration is suuuuuper common and I’m sure you’re no stranger to a similar dynamic. In this episode, I offer 5 concepts to help you address a parent who is actually kind of an asshole and 5 different steps to broaching tough conversations with a parent who is driving you nuts! Unless you have a super flawless relationship with your parents (and if you do, bless you, and go thank them RIGHT NOW), then this pod is a MUST. Plus, many of these concepts can be applied to other relationships in your life which you find challenging.

This pod explores:

  • How to love someone deeply AND establish boundaries
  • How to figure out the role you want a less-than-stellar parent to have in your life
  • How to approach a conversation with a parent you have issues with WITHOUT being an asshole
  • How to figure out exactly what you need from them and how to ask for it

Podcast on Boundaries mentioned in this episode.

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