Mailbag 3.0: Sex Edition [TJJS:EP125]

If you’re like most peeps, you probably assume that you’re the only one struggling with issues in the bedroom. I mean, surely everyone else is have raging, erotic, kitchen-table sex and there must be something totally wrong with you, considering your sex life has been 50 shades of uncomfortable lately. #wrong Here’s the deal… sex is intimate, kinda touchy to talk about, and no one wants to feel like they’re not “doing it” right. And for that same reason, no one really talks about their struggles.

Well, guess what? You are toooootally not alone. In this episode, I dig into 3 (yes, THREE!) listener submissions who want some serious sex advice. I’m dishin’ on everything from polyamory, to not being attracted to your mate, to finding time to connect when you have crazy work/family dynamics. Plus, you can totally listen in private and no one will ever have to know… Lol.

This pod explores:

  • How to figure out why you aren’t interested in having sex with your partner (Even if you reeeeally love them)
  • How to navigate different sexual desires in your relationship
  • How to stay connected when you’re in a long distance relationship
  • How to deal with sexual insecurity (Both you AND them)

5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman mentioned in this episode.

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