What to Do When You Constantly Compare Yourself to Others [TJJS:EP124]


Ever find yourself cruisin’ through Facebook, just minding your own business, and then BOOM! You see someone who is thinner than you posing in her bikini in her exotically sexy, annoying vaca pics and you instantly start comparing yourself to her. Or maybe it’s that one guy you used to work with sharing about his amazing work promotion for his new, totally awesome company, and your mind starts GOING OFF about how you just aren’t smart enough… not good enough… not accomplished enough. Just. Not. Enough.

Maybe it’s not even Facebook… although it can be a BEAST in the whole comparison thing. Maybe it’s your co-worker, your neighbor, your bestie, or even your spouse that you constantly compare yourself to. And it usually ends the same way… with you CONVINCED that you totally suck. How do I know? Oh, honey, because I have soooo been there. And you are certainly not alone. In this week’s episode, I share four ways you can change how you address the comparison trap which will allow you to actually enjoy stalking out your nephew’s hilarious pics on Facebook instead of plummeting into self-hate.

This pod explores:

  • How to catch yourself when you start “making up” what other people’s successes mean about you
  • How to get to the root of what triggers you
  • How to be sure you are setting yourself up for success by hanging out with the right peeps
  • How to switch your focus so you feel empowered instead of feeling like shit

More Badassery + Support:

What if you stopped being soooo invested in what everyone else thinks? What if you actually stopped talking shit to yourself and beating yourself up for every little thing? What if you actually believed that you were ENOUGH? And what if you stopped making everyone else waaaaay more important than yourself? Wait, whaaaaa!? Yeah. It would be pretty damn amazing right? Wanna know how? I’ll teach you! Click the image to the right or go HERE to find out about my latest online course! [squeal!!] Yes, please!!


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