#SorryNotSorry [TJJS:EP123]


Ever find yourself in a situation where you feel really badly that someone else is hurt by your choice of actions, but you’re actually NOT sorry about the actions themselves? Maybe you took a stand for yourself and decided to break up with someone you knew wasn’t healthy for you and they felt differently and wanted to stay together. Or maybe you have chosen not to follow the religion you grew up with to the dismay of your family. Or maybe you chose to leave a job that wasn’t a positive in your world and it was a challenge for your previous boss or co-workers to accept.

When you make a strong (and healthy) choice for yourself it can be damn-near impossible to not be roped in to the guilt that other people may project on you simply because they don’t agree with your choice of actions. In this episode, I am sounding off on what IS in your power when you find yourself #sorrynotsorry.

This pod explores:

  • How to figure out what you are and are NOT responsible for
  • How to figure out your intention and why that even matters [Hint: It creates MAJOR relief]
  • How to recognize guilt and projection from others (In other words, when other people are “making you wrong”)
  • What it really look like to make peace with “agree to disagree”… even if the other party isn’t on board

More Badassery + Support:

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