How to Speak Up Without Being an Asshole [TJJS:EP120]

Ever feel like if you stand up for yourself or speak your mind then everyone will think you are a total dick? Or maybe you think, “If I tell them how I feel, I’m deliberately hurting them! Why would I want to do that?” Makes rational sense, right? No. Here’s the deal: We’ve made up a ton of societal rules that keep us from speaking our truth, asking for what we need, and telling people who we love what our true thoughts are. We live in a suffocating little facade, all the while thinking we are doing the safest, “nicest” thing.

But we really aren’t. We’re just contributing to our own suffering. We make up that everyone else’s thoughts and opinions MUST be more important than ours. Surely, we should just keep our mouths shut and not rock the boat. If you find yourself struggling to stand up for yourself because of FEAR of how others may view you, you should probably have a listen.

This pod explores:

  • The two most common myths about speaking up
  • How to figure out what is your responsibility and what isn’t
  • How to figure out what you really want/need to give voice to
  • How to allow yourself to desire a specific outcome but not be so attached it controls your behavior… and sanity





SSo, the bummer is that the LIVE course mentioned in this episode is no longer available. Boooo, I know.

But, wait! We actually made a Home Study Version and it’s available now!

So… What if you actually stopped talking shit to yourself and beating yourself up for every little thing? What if you stopped blaming yourself for that *one* failed relationship or that *one* botched interview? What if you actually believed that you were ENOUGH? Wait, whaaaaa!? Yeah. It would be pretty damn amazing right? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. It can totally exist. No shit. Click the image above or go HERE to learn more!

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