Becoming Badass: 5 Ways to Stand the Fuck Up for Yourself [TJJS:EP119]

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EEver see super confident people or those who have no problem standing up for themselves and think, “How the HELL do they feel comfortable doing that!?” Or maybe you think, “I wish I wasn’t so damn afraid to speak up for myself!” Or maybe your mind simply floods with all the things you *think* would happen if you actually took care of yourself. As in, “Surely, I’d be letting everyone down” or “Then everyone would think I’m an asshole” or “That would be so selfish of me”. You know that drill.

So, how’s that been working? How’s it been working to make EVERYONE else more important? How has it been working bottling all your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs inside? Not very well, I’m guessing.

This week I sound off on 5 very simple, daily tasks you can begin to employ and make habitual in order to flex the muscle of standing up for yourself. WITHOUT being a dick. Or pissing people off. Learn how to find the confidence to actually start saying NO. This pod is all about taking the goal of “self-confidence” and actually breaking it into small, easy steps you CAN take every single day. Use these tools on a continual basis and you will be BLOWN away by how much you start liking yourself AND start speaking up for yourself. HELLO, Confidence! This pod explores:

  • What “speaking your truth” even means and looks like in your life
  • How to figure out where you need to start saying NO and how to actually DO it
  • How to figure out if some of your behaviors have been self-sabotaging and what you can do to change it
  • Small steps you can take to speak kindly to yourself… in a way you actually believe it.





SSo, the bummer is that the LIVE course mentioned in this episode is no longer available. Boooo, I know.

But, wait! We actually made a Home Study Version and it’s available now!

So… What if you actually stopped talking shit to yourself and beating yourself up for every little thing? What if you stopped blaming yourself for that *one* failed relationship or that *one* botched interview? What if you actually believed that you were ENOUGH? Wait, whaaaaa!? Yeah. It would be pretty damn amazing right? It doesn’t have to be a fantasy. It can totally exist. No shit. Click the image above or go HERE to learn more!

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