WTF is Self Love Anyway? With Guest Andrea Owen [TJJS:EP116]

How many times do you see an awesome, encouraging poster on Insta or Facebook and absent-mindedly click “like” without reeeeeally thinking about how to apply it to your life? How many times do you see those same memes telling you how to love or accept yourself, and you’re like, “Well how the fuck am I supposed to do that?” and then you continue scrolling… and nothing changes. Ever see super confident people and wonder how-the-hell they actually like themselves so much? I mean… COME ON!

#thestruggleisreal, no? I feel you. It can be challenging to understand how to actually apply the barrage of empowering messages we receive on a daily basis. In this week’s episode, I’m joined by my bestie, Andrea, and we dissect what it even means to love yourself, what is usually getting in your way, and what-the-hell you can actually do about it. We spill some actionable things you can do TODAY to start being a bit nicer to yourself so you can, you know… actually feel good about yourself. Want in? Have a listen. This pod explores:

  • How we collapse our to-do lists with our self-worth (As in, I’ll totally love myself when I get this new job or when my house is in order…)
  • How to actually APPLY the info you consume instead of simply reading about it
  • How to analyze your choice of focus and see if your current mindset has been sabotaging or empowering
  • Tangible, actionable exercises to amplify your awareness and change how you’ve been treating yourself… for reals



SSo, the bummer is that the free workshop mentioned in this episode is no longer available. Boooo, I know.

But, wait! You can always find the most happenin’ shiz going on at The Self Love Revolution by cruisin’ over to our corner of the internet.

And, if you’re looking for a serious ass-kickin’ to help catapult your self-love journey, check out our (super-affordable) Master’s Course Home Study Program.

Meet Andrea Owen, this week’s Guestie!

Life coach. Mom. Author. Roller Derby Rebel. Hellraiser. Andrea Owen is passionate about empowering women to value themselves and fiercely love who they are.

She helps women get what they want by managing their inner-critic, creating radical self-acceptance, and stepping into their own kick-ass version of themselves. You can learn more at

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