When You Want to Control Something Out of Your Control [TJJS:EP115]


Ever find yourself going to a job interview and you are doing everything in your power to FORCE the would-be-employers to see you in a specific light? Or maybe you’re going to see family this weekend and you’re contorting and stressing about getting your fam to approve of you? Or maybe you’ve been trying to manipulate your partner into saying the right things and somehow always come up empty?

If you find yourself stressed-the-fuck-out about trying to control outcomes that ultimately depend on the response or behavior of another person, I have news for you: You are causing yourself unnecessary suffering. The more you try to control outcomes and other people, the more frustrated and unhappy you become. When you learn what it takes to step back from that control, you will blow yourself away with the freedom you experience. I’m not saying it’s always easy, but it’s definitely possible. Have a listen to this episode and find out exactly HOW to loosen that death grip on control. This pod explores:

  • How to allow yourself the freedom to want what you want, even if you don’t get it
  • How to set up a new definition of success where you can win EVERY time
  • How to get connected to who YOU want to be and shift your focus to shit you CAN control
  • How all this shit affects your self-worth and how to set yourself up to value YOU no matter what the outcome


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