Pissed Off: Using Anger to Get What You Want [TJJS:EP113]



Ever find that your partner has left his shoes out (again) or hasn’t paid the bill he promised to pay (again) and you feel your heart begin to pound and the anger build in the pit of your stomach? And, then before you can stop yourself, a barrage of hateful words, accusations, and chastisements come hurling out of your mouth and land squarely on your partner. You know this drill, no?

We all do. We feel a surge of anger, and then we communicate from that anger and wonder why our partner isn’t super exited to meet our needs. Or why he can’t remember everything you agreed about when you were screaming at him like a damn banshee. Is the trick to not get mad? Of course not. In this pod, I look at the natural human response of anger and how it interferes with really getting your needs met in your relationship. You can actually use your anger to communicate better! Whaaaaa!? Yeah. No shit. This pod explores:

  • How to catch your anger before it becomes a full-blown explosion
  • How to articulate what’s going on with you when you’re pissed-the-fuck-off so you can take time to chillax
  • How to figure out what you’re reeeeeally pissed about [Hint: It’s actually not about the shoes… or the overdue bill…]
  • How to ask for what you need in a way that actually gets you heard… and gets results


More Badassery + Support:

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