5 Steps to Finding Dope-ass Friendships [TJJS:EP112]


So you’re in your thirties or forties and you look around you and wonder, where the hell are my besties at? Maybe you had awesome connections in college but now everyone’s in a different place… maybe you started working on yourself and getting into personal development and they’re still partying. Or you have a friend or two who you grew up with, but you have become radically different people… and often you wonder if you should still be friends. But you’ve been friends forever though…

I totally hear you. I can’t tell you how many people ask me how the hell to find fulfilling relationships in their thirties and beyond. In this episode, I talk candidly about how our friendship connections change over the years, why they change, and what you can do about in order to find your peeps. And guess what? It’s actually doesn’t have to be so hard. Promise. This pod explores:

  • How I manifested a seriously awesome tribe of friendships
  • How to figure out who should or shouldn’t be in your life
  • How the Law of Attraction factors into your magical-manifestation
  • What you CAN do to find like-minded friendships
  • How to find friendships that may be right under your nose


More Badassery + Support:

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