5 Reasons You Put Shit Off [TJJS:EP111]


Ever find yourself dragging your feet on something you know you must get done, but you just keep putting it off and putting it off? Um. Yeah. Me too. And so does everyone else. So what is this really about? Often it’s stuff we know will help us be more productive, change our quality of life, or make us healthier but we still put it off until the last minute. Well, there actually may be some concrete reasons WHY you’re doing the constant “feet drag” and understanding these reasons may just help you get into action sooner. You know… Instead of stressing the fuck out at the 11th hour. #thestruggleisreal This pod explores:

  • How subconscious fear may be contributing to your inaction and what to do about it
  • Why your chosen “method” of accomplishing your task may be total self-sabotage [Hint: You can simply change the method]
  • How to figure out if you really even want this “thing” in the first place (As in… does this really need to be on you to-do list to begin with?)
  • How perfectionism is ruling the show and how to start letting go so you actually get shit done


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