Grief: Why You Don’t Allow It & Why You Need To Start [TJJS:EP100]

We are not designed to reserve grieving simply for death and dying. We are actually designed to honor and grieve any instance where we change a pattern. Whoa… really? Yep. Ever find yourself feeling a bit emotional and sad when you’re actually making an exciting new change… like buying an awesome home or switching to a fabulous new job? Just because you’re stepping into something awesome doesn’t mean that there isn’t another chapter ending. In this episode, Amy looks at the concept of grief in all it’s capacity… how it relates to sadness and loss, disappointment, and even excitement. This pod explores:

  • How to understand what warrants grief and what it looks like
  • Why the only way out is through and what the hell that really means
  • How grief looks different to different people
  • The repercussions of denying your grieving process


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