10 Ways to Not Fuck Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

No big surprise that as we enter January, we all have lofty ambitions and desires for the coming year. But what makes these goals actually come to fruition and NOT come to a grinding halt in Feb? The following list will help you gear up and actually set yourself up for success. Read on.

1. Be specific. Give time measurements.

Quantities. Amounts. Be sure that there is some way to tell if you have accomplished this goal or not. Many people will say, “I want to be healthier” or “I want to lose weight”. That’s great, but there is a ton of gray area there. What exactly does “healthy” look like? Make sure all your goals are super specific and quantifiable.

2. Get rid of naysayers in your life.

If you are surrounded by a bunch a bitches telling you why your goal is going to be so challenging to attain, ditch ‘em. And if you can’t ditch ‘em, limit them. Big time. If you’re trying to quick drinking, you don’t go hang out at a bar. Just sayin’.

3. Build your soul tribe.

This is the EXACT opposite of #2. Once you have either eliminated the baggage from your life (or at least set up some boundaries), start creating really meaningful, true, empowering friendships. Join like-minded groups, organizations, schools, churches, online sites, etc. Get connected with good people.

4. Make sure you’re really setting this goal for YOU.

Not your partner. Not your boss. Not your parents. FOR YOU. Because YOU want to atting this goal. Period. If you are doing, doing, doing, for everyone else, two things happen: 1) you never really work on your OWN fulfillment and happiness (ie. never have an idea about who you are and what you really want) and 2) you’re far less likely to actually accomplish shit that you don’t really want to do in the first place… or as you work toward the goal you hate every fucking moment of it.

5. Set up a reward.

Decide on what sort of reward you will give yourself when you accomplish the goal you’ve set out to achieve. Get connected to that reward… put up pictures, screensaver, whatever. Make sure you are really clear what’s awaiting you at the finish line.

6. Stop talking shit to yourself.

Okay. So this is for everyone. The minute we get jazzed about something, inevitably, our internal voice (gremlin) starts telling us all the reasons why it isn’t possible, why we could never do that, etc, etc. Notice that voice. Catch yourself in the act. Decide on an empowering phrase or mantra to substitute when you catch yourself slipping into the gremlin trap. For instance, if I find myself doubting anything in my work world, I repeat to myself, over and over, “I am committed to living my purpose in this world.” Shuts that gremlin voice up pretty damn quick.

7. Get accountable.

This really doesn’t have to be rocket science. Simply just telling someone what you are going to do radically multiplies your chances of actually accomplishing it. Whatever you do, DO NOT keep your goals a secret. If you do, you have zero accountability and every opportunity in the world to not follow through. You aren’t fooling anyone but your self. Tell someone (who totally supports you) about your goals and ask them to ask you about it. Easy.

8. Allow room for failure.

Gasp! Whaaaaat!? Yep. If you need an extra week to clean out the garage, take it. You aren’t a failure. Wanted to finish school this year, but it would mean sacrificing valuable family time? Put it off a year. Be super intentional about what you are choosing. If you need to choose your health over accomplishing something, then you probably should. On the same token, don’t give yourself a free pass to put everything off. Decide what is in your best interest and act accordingly.

9. Focus on what you HAVE accomplished.

And Celebrate. So, you finish one thing and you think, “Ok, what’s next?” Yep. Me too. And then, like, a year later, I realize that I’ve accomplished some seriously amazing shit, but haven’t spent any time celebrating or even acknowledging myself for any of it. And… I’ve spent a decent amount of energy focused on what didn’t get done. Take time to really relish what you accomplish. Celebrate. (With your reward from #5.) Drink in all your accomplishments!

10. Make ‘em fun.

Create games, get friends and family to join you, whatever you need to do to really enjoy the goals you’re setting up. Starting new fitness? Find a program that you love. New eating habits? Find healthy options that you get excited about. Need to clean the garage? Bump some tunes and make it a dance party. Whatever! Just have fun. This is your LIFE after all.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go make some shit happen! You got this.