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 So I wanted to tell you, if you didn’t know already, how big an impact your work has had on my life. Thank you, Amy. ~ Carol Anne, Glasgow, U.K.

Like, yesterday, amiright!?


II mean… seriously.

Enough with letting your mom guilt you into lame-ass family functions. Enough with saying “yes” to shit you don’t want to do. Enough being so worried what your mister might think if you really tell him how you feel. Enough with the damn people-pleasing. Enough talking shit to yourself. Fucking ENOUGH!

Sound familiar? Then you’re totally in the right place and we’re about to get some shit handled. I’m Amy and I’m a life coach, speaker, (whiskey-drinker), and all-around badass who specializes in teaching peeps (YOU!) how to love yourself so damn much you can’t wait to speak up for yourself. Like, for reals. Get ready to finally feel like “enough”, create some serious self-confidence, and fall in love with YOU.

You do amazing work. Don’t stop. Please don’t EVER stop. The world needs YOU. A million thanks. ~ Heidi, Ohio

The skills you have taught me have changed my life. Thank you for always helping me speak my truth with grace + kindness. ~ Jodi Hoffman, California

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